Your Garage Door – What to Look For

Posted 4/26/2013

Submitted by: William F. Gabriel

Lots of people own cars, and more often than not, those same people own garages in their homes too. It only makes sense, after all, leaving your vehicle out under the elements is a sure way to devaluing it quickly. Leading in and out of the garage is of course, the garage door.

As the single largest mobile part of the average home, the garage door is certainly worth contemplating. Over the years people have constantly sought to improve various criteria for it, always seeking to make it better. So what should you look for when looking at garage doors, whether evaluating current ones or planning to buy new ones?

Perhaps the most important consideration is just how useful and convenient it is. When it comes to convenience, nothing can match automating your door with an electric door operator. With that installed, you can open and close the door with just a touch of a button. There is no need to exert effort when a machine can do it for you. 

Aside from ease of operation, you also need to think about ease of maintenance, especially if you are planning to install an electro-mechanical system. Will it be easy to perform maintenance when needed? Just how much, and how often do you need to perform maintenance? This is particularly important to consider if you are not mechanically inclined.

A garage door is a portal in and out of your home, so security is certainly a consideration. Is the door strong enough to resist ordinary methods of burglary? Is the lock secure, in terms of attachment to the door and also in the uniqueness of its key? Some automated doors have special locking mechanisms in the drivers, meaning that burglars cannot disable the securing mechanisms since they cannot reach it.

Size matters of course, but as long as it fits the current setup, it is fine. The more important thing here is price. Price is directly related with size and other factors. Choosing the right materials and designs can mean the difference between a pain in the pocket and money well spent.

Aesthetics should not be sacrificed completely. You might cut down on costs by opting for simpler, less costly designs, but you should still aim to keep the door congruous with the rest of the house. Pick your design, colour, and material, and balance as you go. The choice of material will also affect the other factors, so choose wisely.

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